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"It's lonely at the top."

We've all heard that caution before, but it still surprises many leaders how true it is. Even in the "flattest" of organizations, much of the work of leadership happens behind closed doors and simply cannot be discussed with others.

So who do you talk to about the questions that keep you up at night, about the challenges and opportunities that are before your organization? Who helps you carve out safe space, and whose questions help you refine your own sense of purpose and direction? Who helps you remember your values and vocation? 

Saison coaches are available to talk with you either for short-term coaching around specific projects, to work with you over months or across years. Our coaching engagements are bound by the strictest of rules of confidentiality so that, to borrow Parker Palmer's great phrase, "if this is the only place in the universe you want to discuss something, this will be the only place in the universe you can." 

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