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Sometimes leaders need to step back from the daily pressures of organizational life to reflect on what matters most and what matters now. A well-timed retreat can offer that kind of transformative, reflective space.

Saison consultants and affiliates are available to design and lead retreats on topics related to our six focus areas of work. We are also regularly invited to speak at retreats hosted by partner organizations or clients. 

On occasion, when we have heard similar questions from a number of clients, Saison will host a retreat for leaders around those questions. 

Upcoming Retreats

Preaching in a Polarized Culture: A Pilgrimage to Washington DC

Sponsored by the Florida Institute of Preaching and the Marcy Fund

April 20-22, 2022 | Washington DC

Tipping, Tithing or Taxing: Preaching Good News about Stewardship

Sponsored by Lake Institute on Faith & Giving, the Florida Institute of Preaching, and Saison Consulting

September 12-15, 2022 | The Fenway Hotel | Dunedin, Florida

Preaching as You Are: The Enneagram and Proclamation

Sponsored by Restoring Waters Consulting and Saison Consulting

March 13-16, 2023 | Michigan

Image by Joel Holland
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