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Some consultants begin work with a client focused on their own expertise — assuming that what they know is what the client needs. Saison Consultants work differently. We begin with you — your leadership and organization, your community and context, your hopes and ambition. We ask questions. We listen deeply. Then together, we design the kind of engagements that will help you live and lead in this season, while preparing you and your organization for the next.

What Guides Our Work

Our work is context-driven. Every engagement for Saison is custom work. We don't open the slide deck we used with the last client and just change organization names. We work to make our work be relevant, applicable, and honest to you and your context.

Our work is based in values -- yours and ours. Early on in every engagement, we go through a process of clarifying your operative values, and we don't mean the words that are printed on the letterhead or part of the organization's mission statement. We want to know the values your organization lives and the values that you lead. That's where your leadership begins. That's what you will come back to on your worst days -- and what you will celebrate on your best days. 

Our work is about change, transition, and transformation. Many of our inherited models of leadership, organizations and industries are evolving or collapsing. We help our clients anticipate, embrace, and lead change constructively. 

At Saison, we believe that leaders and leadership matter for our organizations, for our communities and, ultimately, for the world. When people lead passionately from their values, they are able to pursue meaningful change -- change that looks like justice, equity, and diversity. 

We are committed to being a learning-leading organization. We make it an intentional practice to record our learnings from every engagement. We also keep reading and watching and listening. We integrate all that we are learning into our work with you so you can be sure that what you receive reflects our latest insights -- and the latest research.

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