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We are committed to help you lead and live fully in this season -- while preparing for the next. 

I love to bring order to chaos, clarity to confusion, and support others in finding a third way when stuck in oppositional patterns of thinking.


As a coach, I believe we all hold the wisdom that we need to find our next step. I come alongside you in your journey, deeply listen, and provide a patient presence as you search for and find your own inner wisdom.


As a consultant, I bring a passion for clear and honest communication, helping teams identify their common values, and their individual as well as common strengths. I believe that any process can be improved. Infrastructure can always be strengthened. Work can always become more efficient, as well as fun. I partner with a client to separate the pieces of the puzzle, find the disparate items, and build the picture back together into something new and needed.


My personal and professional journey – with its wins and losses – has given me the wisdom to release and empower the gifts of those with whom I work. I have learned that good work requires shared leadership and collaboration, honesty and transparency. I bring these values into my coaching and consulting relationships to help and support others to find and be their best selves, and build their best teams.


The background details are that I have a Master of Divinity from Mercer University and have worked in non-profit and academic settings. In my early years, I worked as a case manager in a residential home for women and children. From there I took my understanding of domestic and sexual violence and worked as the Director of Community Outreach at a local crisis center. Both the direct client work and training others how to support those in real and present danger helped me to find my passion for helping others as well as my love of facilitation and training.


It was at Duke University that I developed my values that inform who I am as a leader and helped me find my stride. As a manager, leader, chief of staff, strategist, event planner, and caretaker of the processes for multiple departments within the Divinity School, I clarified the work that I enjoy, as well as the work that just must be done in any organization. Both are key to individual and team success. What I value most, however, are the people. While at Duke, I experienced both the joys and heartache of leadership; the differences between being a leader and a manager, and of formal and informal power; and the vital importance of resourcing staff for their own professional development. It is this work as leader, colleague, and mentor that I bring to my clients.


If you would like to see my CV, email me and I’ll be happy to send it to you. If you would like to dream a bit and explore what it would be like to engage with me as a consultant or a coach, let’s talk. The discovery process is fun and full of possibility.

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