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We are committed to help you lead and live fully in this season -- while preparing for the next. 

We founded Saison Consulting to help leaders and organizations thrive today and in the future. 
Our work with a client usually focuses in one (or more) of five areas:

  • Developing personal and organizational capacity for transformational leadership in the world;

  • Defining strategic vision and creating processes and plans to make that vision a reality; 

  • Supporting leaders as they pursue meaningful and lasting change in their own lives or in their organizations;

  • Nurturing healthy organizational cultures, including responding to conflict; and

  • Enabling organizations to reimagine their economic models for long-term sustainability. 

What work in each of these areas looks like depends on the client's needs and desires. In some cases, Saison consultants come alongside our clients through short-term or long-term coaching. In others situations, clients invite us to lead multi-day workshops for their staffs or to speak at their annual board meetings. We also engage in more traditional consulting practices both in-person and online. 

You can read what sets us apart as a consulting practice by reading about the Saison Difference. You can read about our principal consultants -- Dina Helderman, Nathan Kirkpatrick, and Anne Schmidt -- to learn what each of us brings to this work.

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