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A significant part of our work is organizational consulting. Usually, we work with organizations around one of five of our areas of focus:

Strategic visioning and implementation.

Some leaders call us and ask that we help them create a "strategic plan" for their organization. Almost immediately, we ask them to reconsider how they are framing that work. Strategic plans are often time-intensive projects that result in a report that is quickly forgotten. Instead, we work to help organizations develop a sense of strategic direction rooted in their core values. Then, we help them appraise their current work against this vision, while also helping them imagine new ways of working. 

Process, procedure & infrastructure creation.

A number of organizations have meaningful missions and talented employees but lack the kinds of structures that would help them achieve their goals. Saison consultants are experienced in developing the organizational "back stage" that creates efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, and transparency. 

Organizational culture and conflict.

Though they did not know it when they took the job, some leaders find themselves In toxic, destructive or underperforming systems, and they find it difficult to change the status quo. We work with them and their systems to remake organizational culture while addressing the conflicts that inevitably follow to help create a new life-giving way of working together. 

Change management and communication.

At Saison, we believe that change isn't an option for leaders or their organizations. The question is how we navigate it. We work with organizations to imagine creative, compelling possibilities in the midst of change while helping leaders understand the complexities of leading through change and transition. And, of course, a central part of change management is communication -- why this change and not that one, why now and not later, how will this happen and what we you need from me. 

Holistic sustainability and fundraising. 

Questions of sustainability are common in organizations, especially in difficult economic seasons. Yet, visions of sustainability often lack creativity and involve undesirable compromises at the expense of employees. Saison consultants invite a different kind of conversation around sustainability rooted in questions of individual and organizational flourishing. What would it mean for your organization and your employees not just to survive (the usual definition of sustainability) but to thrive (our definition of sustainability)? How does fundraising contribute to that thriving?

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