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Tipping, Tithing, or Taxing: Preaching Stewardship and Generosity

Sponsored by the Florida Institute of Preaching and the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving

September 12-15, 2022 | The Fenway Hotel | Dunedin, FL

Preachers and congregations alike tend to dread the annual “money sermon” in which the primary purpose is to get pledges to underwrite the church budget. But William Sloane Coffin memorably said, “It is not the preacher’s job to tell people what to do, but rather to remind them who they are … I’m not begging you for money, I’m offering you an opportunity to be useful to others and to save your soul.” 


How can preaching do more than beg for money? How can the “money sermon” become good news for every follower of Christ?


This workshop will equip preachers to help their congregations experience financial generosity as an essential part of discipleship. Drawing on John Wesley’s teaching on “The Use of Money,” it will provide practical guidance on ways to engage their people in deeper conversations about the biblical understanding of money and generosity. Participants will receive current information on the impact of changes in the economy on financial generosity, as well as helpful feedback on their own sermons.

This event is open to all Christian religious leaders, regardless of denomination or geographic location. For the event to be most beneficial for you, it is helpful if you are the primary preacher in your current ministry setting. 

More information, including registration information, will be available in the coming weeks. For now, if you are interested, please let us know by completing this Google Form, and we'll be sure to follow-up with you when details are available.

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