For this season.

For every season.

For this season. For every season. 
At Saison Consulting, we take inspiration from the story of the ancient king who challenged the members of his court to bring him a message that would always be true and that could always be in his sight. They searched the land, and finally, one of them discovered a jeweler who had made a beautiful ring. On it, the jeweler had carved three letters -- gimel, zayin, and yud, the first letters of each word in the phrase, "Gam zeh ya’avor" -- "this too shall pass." As soon as he saw it, the king knew it was the message he had sought. This too shall pass -- or the way we say it at Saison, "for this season, for every season."
Our work is helping leaders and organizations lead and live fully in their present season while preparing for the next. For some of our clients, the present season is fulfilling, rich, and abundant. Their work is going well; their organization is thriving. We help them continue to thrive, while also helping them prepare for the day when leadership will be harder. For others, their present season is taxing, depleting, draining. We help them navigate this season while preparing for better days ahead. 

There's always a balance in our work -- live and lead where you are, and prepare for what's next. For this season. For every season. 
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