Nathan Kirkpatrick: What I'm Listening To

Are you a podcast listener? To be honest, my listening goes in fits and starts, but when I want to listen to a podcast, my first click is always to The Memory Palace. Nate DiMeo is the single best storyteller I have heard. While no episode is terribly long (usually 10-12 minutes), my life is always better for having listened. Here are some of my favorite episodes:


A Brief Eulogy for a Commercial Radio Station


A White Horse

Or, you can always head to the podcast website and see what's new! 

Over the years, I have appreciated Jon Meacham's work as a historian and public intellectual. In It Was Said, Meacham's care for the past combines with a love of language that makes each episode beautifully compelling. Even speeches given by people with whom I disagree politically or philosophically become vibrant examples of what America is and what we might become. A suggestion -- start with John Lewis' "We Want our Freedom Now" and finish with Barbara Jordan's keynote at the 1976 Democratic National Convention. 

Nathan Kirkpatrick

Another podcast I listen to regularly is You're Wrong About, which aims to "reconsider a person or event that's been miscast in the public imagination." Their episodes on Marie Antoinette and the Stonewall Uprising were captivating and, frankly, disconcerting as they made me ask questions about what I learned as "history." They have a no doubt Crown-inspired five-part series on Princess Diana that I am eager to listen to.